Seeking Artist 2D/3D

disclaimer: position is unpaid, with the eventual goal of providing revenue sharing.

Artist’s Skills and Experience:
• Pixel & Voxel Art (several years)
• Sprite & Texture Art (several years)
• 3D Modelling & Animation (bonus)

I’m also interested in concept art from:
• photography
• pencil sketches

Team Name: alphahedron

Project Info: [Game Title TBD]
• a strategic turn-based RPG with elements of:
• zelda-like and rogue-like games
• the text-rich aspect of interactive fiction
• a pseudo-smattering of feature variations of typical RPGs

about me (in general):
• working on-and-off on video game development when not working at a full-time job.
• located near Chicago, IL, USA.
• university degree in computer science
• professional experience as a software engineer
• indie musician and songwriter

what I’m providing to the gamedev project:
• game design (majority)
• c# coding, with a focus on procedural content and level design (majority)
• most/all of the original soundtrack (eventually)

I might be open to a simpler game of the same or different genre, if that helps to bring a team together to develop additional video games.